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Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever wondered how Disney World puts on their extravagant Castle Show at the Magic Kingdom? Or how Concerts are so much more than the artist merely singing? Its all of the lights! Lights accompany all forms of entertainment. Lighting has grown so much, and the technology behind it continues to grow. The amount of stuff we are capable of doing with the aid of light is extraordinary, and as the field continues to grow, it's endless.

Disney's Cinderella Castle is a beautiful view any day of the week, but when the sun sets, it unleashes real beauty. It is a perfect example of how the lighting world brings amusement (no pun intended) to the public. The castle show is a popular attraction for many people, and it brings tons of visitors to Disney on the daily. It appears to be complicated to manage, but at the same time, it is organized well and orchestrated. The shows use a variety of fireworks, songs, lasers, and a projection of lights to make its extravagant show breathtaking.

The Cinderella Castle during the show

The breathtaking part of the show all starts with the light projectors, and it is the vital part of the show. The correctly placed lasers, the sync of all the lights on the castle, and all of the colors changing to the beat of each song are what keeps the audience so entrapped by this performance. The glow of ALL the lights changing allows the castle to transform from a blood red to an icy blue at the push of a button or the drop of a beat. This enables the Imagineers of Disney to choose the colors and designs that are best suited for the castle during the performance, and this helps portray each of the different Disney stories in their creative way.

They achieve this captivating castle show by precise placement of SGM Palco Led lighting fixture. They place these fixtures on different levels of the castle and the surrounding areas of the castle. The compelling lights have a reliable lifespan, approximately 50,000 hours; they also have an impressive range of 16.7 million different colors. That is a LOT of colors! No wonder Disney is so successful with their Castle show. The millions of colors and the timed music and fireworks keep the audience engaged.

This Lighting fixture to the right is not the exact fixture used in the Disney castle shows, but it is a fixture that is within the same family.

The Production of the Disney castle show uses a technology called Projection mapping. Projection mapping closely resembles video mapping; it is merely projection technology turning objects such as buildings, or anything of that construction into a surface for creativity. In other words, its the technology behind all the fancy lights seen in concerts and on the Disney Cinderella Castle. Right below is a one minute video of the eighteen-minute long show.


This video showcases how perfectly timed the lighting, lasers, fireworks, and music make the show so enjoyable to millions of people, all of whom fly from various parts of the world to see this massive, joyous event take place. This may seem like free advertising for Disney, and that might be the case for some people. However this article made a twist on the fun Disney fireworks show; it captured the eyes of many people for the reason being that it was about Disney, and it introduced them to an informational article about projection mapping and the importance of timing when it comes to putting on a performance.​

So the next time you see a fantastic show that was captivating in its creative way take a look at all the background in it, think about all the different ways the show was orchestrated and put together. I bet somewhere in that show there was some lighting taking place, and many people don't even realize that its one the most important and one of the best part of the show, if not THE BEST part of the show.

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