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Tips for Buying a Ceiling Fan

Fans save money, approximately 30% for the average Joe. Turning on a fan vs the AC saves you money. Keep in mind the room where the fan will be put up at.

  • Choose the fan size.

  • Bigger fans for bigger rooms

  • Smaller fans for smaller rooms

  • How low does the fan need to hang down?

Rule of thumb:

  • 52-Inch fan for up to 400 -sq feet

  • 44-Inch fan for up to 225-sq feet

  • 42-Inch fan for up to 42-sq feet  

Keep in mind the amount of space that is between the fan and the walls, the slanted ceilings, the curtains, and any chandeliers, if there are any obstacles in the way.

How do you plan on controlling your fan? With a wall control, a remote control, or the basic pull down chains? What kind of quality do you want your fan to be?

This is based on the price and the company More expensive fans usually come with warranty and last longer than cheaper fans


However the company plays a big part in the quality. Do you need overhead lighting?

Does your fan need to have a built in light?

These are all questions and thoughts a customer should ask themselves before and while in the process of purchasing a fan.

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